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Facebook Friendster

Ever visit the classified section of friendster? From time to time, an avid friendster user will visit this section. Mostly business related. But did you know that the classified section of friendster can offer more service? Yes, it will cater still on socializing, and this is the personal section. In this section you will see many subsection will cater to your need. For example, you need a female friend near your location, then friendster classified will help you with that. Whatever your preference, it will give you a service. But there is a cons in this service too. You may ask, what is it. Then i can say that its the poeple.Classified section of friendster lack people. Unlike other classifed places such as the Craigslist, friendster don't have a good number of people visiting the classified ads compare to Craigslist which one of the most visited calssified sites in the Internet.

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