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accurate friendster horoscope

The Bottom Line

You are currently running the risk of freezing under all the thinking you're doing.
In Detail

You are currently running the risk of freezing up, under all the icy-cold-logic-thinking you're doing. You can try to analyze the unseen, but you probably won't ever succeed. Stop spending so much time thinking about ideas, and get back into the rules of the real world. There are people who need you to get back in touch with them and get involved in what is going on. Your input is too valuable for them to do without. So today, try to get out of your own head, for a change.

Well, hmm.. Maybe.

But don't push all the responsibility towards me.

I mean, when i say 'no', i don't really mean i hate that person. I just think it'd be better without him.

So yeah. I never mean that what i said should be the decision.

So, i gave my reasons and my conclusion, and now i am atas pagar. I have too many things to worry in life, rather than this. This is such a small thing. Even if it turns out that he's there. Then he's there lah. I don't really care, i don't hate that person.

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