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AutoCAD 2009 Tutor for Engineering Graphics

This classic reference work features self-paced tutorials that lead readers from simple one-view engineering drawings to geometric constructions, multiview projections, section and auxiliary views, 3D solid modeling, and photorealistic rendering. Tutorials utilize a step-by-step approach, following traditional engineering drawing techniques and methods while teaching users how to take full advantage of AutoCAD 2009 to achieve professional results.

  • Contains unique "Try It!" exercises that encourage readers to master the use of specific AutoCAD commands before proceeding to subsequent topics
  • Provides realistic engineering drawing problems, command-specific exercises, and abundant illustrations that support learning within the visual AutoCAD user interface
  • Includes an accompanying CD with drawing files that allows users to execute tutorials, exercises, and problems and obtain immediate feedback on their proficiency in using mission-critical AutoCAD 2008 features and functions. Show more product

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