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Now facebook is not the only social networking site (I know) with funky widgets and applications. Friendster, the #1 social network in Asia and the third largest branded social network in the world, realised the popularity of applications and widgets among social network users today and introduced widgets and application to the site in December 2007. With this introduction of widgets and applications, friendster also made Friendster Developers Platform available to developers.

The official Press Release says:

Friendster, Inc. ( today launched a directory of over 180 applications, enabling its more than 56 million global users to easily discover, add and use applications on and off the website. These applications, called “widgets” throughout the industry, have been integrated into the Friendster user experience by developers leveraging Friendster’s Developer Program, released as a pilot program on October 25, 2007 and now fully deployed at

And here’s an interesting bit: “Freedom to Monetize Applications - Developers can monetize their applications using virtually any model for monetization, and no revenue share with Friendster is required. Unlike other social networks, ads and monetization will be allowed anywhere in the application and are not restricted to rarely-used detail or configuration pages.”

I wonder if it is against Google Adsense Policy to integrate adsense into widgets that you develop. The policy stated that “No AdSense code may be integrated into a software application.”, but I couldn’t find any information on integration adsense into widgets and such. Does anyone know the answer?

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