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Sending Messages To Friendster

Hi guys again.I have a very simple project that all can do.I will explain thoroughly.This project is based on Friendster.All you got to do is sending messages to about 10,000 profiles ! The message is all about inviting people to join my new group called 'Real Madrid Club de Futbol' which is on friendster too.So it doesnt violates friendster terms. I will provide you a message which needed to be sent to all. All you have to do is just follow the simple steps: 1.Log in to give a login with password) 2.Search on friendster groups.Search this term 'Real Madrid'. 3.Go to each group and send the owner and members who are there a message that will be provided to you. 4.Keep on sending the messages until you have sent to 10,000 people. 5.After finishing a group,move on to the next real madrid group. 6.You have to show me proves.You cant be cheating!! 7.You got to list all 10,000 members list that you have sent messages ! 8.I will login to see if you fulfilled the work. After that,you'll be paid through escrow or paypal.Your choice. Its very good if a team does this job.If a single person does this job than they have to be very professional. Bid only if you can do this job properly,need fast communication and quality work ! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Happy Bidding !

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