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Road Design Basics Using AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D 2009

Just a quick heads up! A new white paper entitled Road Design Basics using AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D has been posted to the civil engineering product center. There is a lot of good information included in this paper and I think it’s great for someone who is new to the civil product line. Also, as you look through the paper you will see that we have included the ENTIRE subassembly catalog as a reference appendix to assist you when you’re looking for the right subassembly to meet your project needs.

The first 10 pages of this paper go through the concepts, terminology, and functionality of how the corridor works. More importantly, it lays out how all of these pieces fit together when modeling roads. There is also a section towards the end of the paper that explains how AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D respond when modeling projects that require superelevation. Lastly, this paper has a reference appendix that exposes all of the subassemblies in one central location. Each one of these subassemblies include a description of what the subassembly does, some common uses and it also includes the type of functionality each one of the subassemblies respond to. For example, maybe you are looking for a lane that has multiple courses of material but you also need to control the width and elevation of the edge of travel way. The appendix also includes the new subassemblies that were recently released on the subscription center.

This paper is definitely a must read for new users but it’s also a good refresher piece for those that have been using the product for some time. Take a peek, I definitely think it’s worth your time!

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