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Friendster spawning a breed of stupid

People say that with the birth of the internet, you can bring any part of the world into the comfort of your own home. I would think that with the internet, you will learn things that you can never learn within your area, country or culture.

And with the birth of social group pages such as Friendster with members from almost every country available, you would think that anyone's social knowledge would improve vastly.

Yet, instead, Friendster only gives birth to a breed of stupidity.

Need I say more? I mean, why would you write such a thing??

I wonder if this person does that in real life.

Guy: *goes up to a girl* WALAWALA!!
Girl: YOU FREAK GET AWAY FROM ME *smacks his face in with her handbag and leaves*

Actually, stupids are kinda fun to watch. The downside is that they still annoy the heck outta you anyways.

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